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The Catalogue of the Books I've Written

        I've published my first book, To Make a Better World, and I'm currently working on my second and third book. Each book is listed below, with a link to its own official host page for discussion and examination.

        The list is in chronological order, based on publication date. Each book page includes a description and further commentary on the book, as well as publication information, review and discussion forum, and links to the sales pages. For my books that are still works in progress, I will be posting free sample content from time to time leading up to publication.

        I plan to publish Mythos & Logos, my second book, and A Cabby's Tale, my third book, in the summer. In the meantime here will be found pages discussing them. And as the years go by, there will be more books added to this catalogue.

Link to the official page for the book: To Make a Better World

Link to the official page for the book: Mythos and Logos

Link to the official page for the book: A Cabby's Tale

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