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Variations in English & Site Glossary

        There are, it should be noted, two major variations of English; US English (I'm American, so to me this is the normal version), and the "international English" (which is British English). So, some of what may look like spelling or grammatical errors are actually the correct spelling or grammar, but correct by American English standards, rather than UK English standards. So, these are called variants, rather than "misspelling" or "bad grammar". Variants are correct depending on which variation of English one uses -- get it, "variation"?

        For instance, in America the correct spelling of "misspelled" is just that, while in UK English the correct spelling is "misspelt". Similarly there are words that have different meanings in each variation of English, and these too are called "variants". An example of this would be that "football" in the United States means the sport played by the NFL (National Football League) which culminates each year in a championship game called the "Super Bowl", while outside of the US "football" means the game that Americans call "soccer" and which the championship is every two years called the "World Cup". And, "Lorrie" in America would only be thought of as a woman's name, while in the UK it also means a "truck" as we call it. "Lift" in America only means to pick something up, while in the United Kingdom it also means a device we call "elevator" -- which of course transports people and things from one level of a building to another. I hypothesize (or "hypothesise" if you like), that I can make, and have done so before, actual spelling or grammatical errors.

        But, if you do notice a misspelling or grammatical error, outside of these variants, then please to contact me to let me know. I'd appreciate the opportunity to correct my errors.

        I will have on this page a listing of all the variants that appear on other pages on this site, with an index of the pages they appear on. This is done to help improve search results for both Americans and people around the world who use UK English. After all, if you've searched the term "colour" and I've written something that's relevant, but I use "color" as is correct in US English, you'd likely not find it in search engine results unless I included the international variant with the extra letter "u". 

The Glossary for this website is in a PDF because it would be extraordinarily long for a single webpage. The link is below.

Click here for access to the Glossary for the website Downloadable PDF opens in a new window or tab.

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