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        Joshua Michail is an American author, philosopher, Humanist, and atheist born in Philadelphia, PA on 31st May, 1975. He was raised in Phoenix, AZ, where he still resides. He has studied psychology, sociology, and philosophy. He is a minister ordained by the First Church of Atheism, which serves the sole purpose of ensuring that there are lawfully permitted non-religious people who can perform important services, such as marriage ceremonies, for other non-religious people. His book "To Make a Better World" was published for eBook on 30th April, 2015 and in paperback on 19th May, 2015. Both of which are currently available through Amazon.

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Winter in the Sonora desert, especially in the early morning, creates unique scenes like this one. It feels a bit eerie, with the heavy fog making the background appear dark grayish-blue, and making an impenetrable limit to the views in the distance. To complete the scene, there's the light dusting of frost and snow on the shrubs and cacti. This photo was captured by Michelle Chiago, in 2014.

        I am currently working on a few new books. Two, of which, I plan to have published in the summer – “Mythos & Logos”, and “A Cabby's Tale”. I also write essays on a variety of subjects, typically including: philosophy and logic, science, morality, society, politics, economics and, of course, atheism and religion. In my writing I do try to avoid unnecessary jargon and complication, in an effort to make the subjects I write about more easily accessible to everyone.

        I also have two Siamese cats, Lucy and Sam, both of whom I love, despite Sam being a smelly cat and Lucy being a demanding trouble-maker. The image above is a scene, captured by a friend, of the Sonora desert around the area I live in, it was taken in the morning during winter. Since I'm accustomed to the high heat – summer high temperature averaging 112F (44.5C) – I naturally find the foggy scene beautiful, just as I do whenever there's rain.

My various hobbies and likes are:

        Home-brewing my own beer recipes. I've also brewed recipes made by others, all ales though, including ale versions of Weizen, and Pale, Amber, and Brown Ales. I'm not such a fan of lagers, though. I think I'd like to try some wine making also.

        I love to do backyard astronomy, using my Celestron Powerseeker 127EQ telescope. Around the end of May 2016, I plan to try to take some pictures through my telescope of Mars as it will be at its closest approach to Earth.

        I enjoy cooking, my own recipes and classic recipes, both. I love Mediterranean dishes, Spanish, and Southwestern dishes. I also dabble in some Asian dishes. I make an excellent Kung Pao Chicken, and I make my own recipes of ragu spaghetti sauce (that means with meat, not the brand name), Honey-Chipotle barbecue sauce, a Southwestern version of Paella (with no seafood, but with chicken, pork, beef, and lamb), and a Sonoran rice (like Spanish rice, with tomatoes and saffron, but also with pecans and Chipotle peppers). Oh, and Tabbouleh, Tzatziki, Falafel, and Shawarma.

        I also enjoy working on my garden, growing amazing honeydew melons, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, wheat, peppers, squash, etc. And then there's my apple tree, three mesquite trees (the wood is great for projects, and for BBQ, and the beans make an excellent flour for fry-bread), a fig tree, two pomegranate bushes, two grape vines, blackberry and raspberry bushes, a lime tree, and orange and lemon trees.

        I've built some of my own furniture, including my desk. I enjoy woodworking, as it turns out. My other plans in woodworking adventures include building a dresser, a bed, a front door for my home, a China cabinet, tables, and chairs.

      I love classical music, with my favorite composers being: Beethoven, Vivaldi, Bach, Paganini, Rodrigo, and Ravel. Jazz is also among my library of music, including my favorites: Brubeck, Montgomery, Coltrane, Gillespie, Monk, and Davis. But, I grew up listening to heavy metal, particularly Iron Maiden, Metallica, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, and since my twenties, Rammstein.

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