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Here, for the profile image, is a stoic portrait of the author, and owner of this page, Mr. Joshua Michail, which was done in January of 2014.
I'm an autodidact philosopher, with focused interest on the philosophy of logic and on moral philosophy. I have also studied a bit of psychology and sociology. I have long found interesting the intersection of society, the individual psyche or mind, and the philosophies people come to hold. For about a decade I've been working on a secular worldview, which I will formally propose in book form, and the summary can be read by clicking the tab 'My Philosophy'.

I'm a humanist, an atheist, a moderate liberal, and an ordained minister. I've published one book, so far. And I have a couple more books which are getting close to being ready to publish. I also have some other books on which I've been working, in the science fiction genre.
I'm the author of
To Make a Better World.

I write on a variety of subjects mostly including: atheism, philosophy, religion, society, morality, and science. I'm currently writing two books:
"Mythos & Logos", and "A Cabby's Tale".

I plan to publish those two in the summer of this year. Probably like most writers, I have many book ideas that I might never write, but I do intend to write several sci-fi novels.

I've even gone to the gruesome trouble of writing up outlines for several stories. Hell, I've gotten as far as a couple of paragraphs for each book. I mean the science-fiction novels, the two books I mentioned above are actually very far along, with many chapters each. But, did I mention I've already published my first book?

The Latest News

As of: 8 February, 2017

Over the past year I've been working more on my next books, mostly on 'Mythos & Logos'.

I've begun another book, a science-fiction "post-apocalyptic" novel about a colony of survivors led by a visionary hoping to restore the United States, and civilization in general. This new book is, in part, motivated by the events of the election in the US.

I also had worked on an analysis of the impact of Presidential economic policies from Kennedy to Obama. I offered it during the campaigns, having placed it with the essays. I am planning to continue to update it each year going forward.

I've also added more pictures and memes to the gallery page.

I might still have some polishing to do on this site. I will try to get that done.

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